Frequently Asked Questions

Wild Hare Organic Farm
4520 River Road
Tacoma, WA 98443
(253) 922-1604

Who/What/ is Wild Hare Organic Farm?  What is happening to Terry's Berries?

Dick and Terry are retiring to a smaller farm in Ellensburg, but their land and legacy will continue to grow as Wild Hare Organic Farm.  In 2015, Mark and Katie Green will transition from farm management to business ownership as the next generation of farmers and stewards of land that Dick & Terry cultivated as Terry’s Berries for more than 30 wonderful years. Wild Hare Organic Farm aims to preserve the family-farm tradition, promote the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model and produce uncommonly delicious and nutritious food.  With your support, Wild Hare will continue to grow hundreds of varieties of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs in the Puyallup River Valley for many more years to come!

What size share should I purchase? 

We have two share sizes to choose from, large and small. The large share is valued at $30 a week and we recommend for about two to four people depending on your veggie eating habits and how often you cook at home.  The small share is valued at $20 a week and will feed one to three people. In the winter we also have a greens share, which is even smaller than the small share but provides an option for people who are not fond of winter roots and potatoes. Or buy it in addition to one of the above shares if you desire more greens.  These guidelines vary greatly of course, depending on the age of the people who will be eating the share and whether or not vegetables are a main dish. Feel free to call the farm or ask at the store for further guidance.

How will I know what is in my share? 

The items in the share vary based on the season. Weekly or biweekly email newsletters will provide you with tips about what will be in the share and how the items can be used.

Do I have to wait for the beginning of a season to start?

No. We can give you a pro-rated price so you can join up during any season at any time.